The catch 22 of liberalism

You may have heard me trumpet the concept of liberal capitalism before, as someone who possibly lives on the right end of the political spectrum, and also one of the most liberal people you could meet.

In politics, especially in America but also over here, those viewpoints are apparently inequatable. You can’t support gay marriage, secularism and environmentalism as well as refuting socialism, affirmative action and colonial apologism.

Anyway, as someone who exists somewhere around there, I find myself in a never ending loop of liberalism. It goes something like this:

1/ I value everyone’s right to their own opinion

2/ I hear gun-toting idiots support and enact ideas such as religious extremism and racism

3/ I hate them and their ideas

4/ I’m reminded of my liberalism and everyone’s right to an opinion. My opinion has no more value than theirs and I would be wrong to think they’re any less than me

5/ But they don’t feel the same about my opinions, even though mine are inclusive of theirs. Conservatism beats liberalism just by its very nature, and liberalism is too accommodating

6/ The world would be better without them and their crap opinions. I’m right and they’re wrong

7/ By saying this, I’m not liberal any more. Have my opinions become conservative then?

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